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AI for Surviving an Apocalyptic Future: Sensory Perception in METRO 2033

Alexey Buinitskiy on November 18, 2010

Stealth games are notorious for their complexities in terms of AI, as they require not only robust behaviors, but also strong sensory system for the NPCs to perceive the world in believable ways. Earlier this year, METRO 2033 was released and it included one of the more innovative visual- and auditory-perception systems of the last few years.

In this interview with Alexey Buinitskiy, Lead Programmer on METRO 2033, you'll learn out about the innovative sensory system and perception modelling, a key part of the game's stealth combat sections. You'll also hear why Alexey replaced the Goal-Oriented Action Planner and what they chose to implement the behavior instead, and finally you'll see the animation system in all its details.