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Balancing Diplomacy and Warfare in SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE’s AI

Blair Fraser on March 27, 2010

Since it's release in 2008, SINS OF A SOLAR EMPIRE has captured the hearts of the gaming community and created an army of fans for its unapologetic approach to space battles; everything is always simulated, which brings the game to life with activity in a consistent and detailed way. In fact, SOSE won the award for Best AI in an Independent Game that same year.

In this 1h30 interview with Blair Fraser, one of the masterminds behind the game and its AI, you'll hear about the implementation details that allowed Ironclad to simulate the whole universe on minimum hardware requirements. You'll also learn about how the game combines utility-based decision making along with an objective-based system that plans through the technology tree to achieve its goals. You'll also discover the challenges of building a diplomatic yet Machiavellian AI opponent in the most recent expansion!