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Post-Release AI Improvements in SUPREME COMMANDER 2

Mike Robbins on December 3, 2010

You may be surprised to hear that not all studios reuse their AI code from one game to another. Low-level systems are increasingly being reused, but when it comes to decision making and game-specific logic, that often gets thrown out. One way to approach this strategically is to update the AI post-release with the next game in mind...

In this 1h30 interview with Mike Robbins, Gameplay Engineer at Gas Powered games, you'll hear about the AI of SUPREME COMMANDER 2 and its many updates since release. As well as learning about all the different systems of the RTS AI, you'll hear how Mike took into account players' feedback, and polished the strategy of the opponents. You'll also discover about the new neural networks that make the decisions for the game's units!