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WORLD IN CONFLICT and AI for Real-time Tactics Games

Johan Pfannenstill on February 13, 2011

Real-time Tactics (RTT) games are a sub-genre of strategy games where you're assigned a set of units and some reinforcements, and wage war on a battlefield against an enemy. How do you build AI for such games when the emphasis is entirely on unit deployment and maneuvering? What changes when you don't need to worry about base-building or resource gathering?

In this interview with Johan Pfannenstill, Lead Gameplay Programmer at Massive Entertainment, you'll learn everything about the AI in Ubisoft's WORLD IN CONFLICT, the most famous game in the Real-time Tactics genre. You'll find out how the opponent AI is implemented in skirmish mode, what tricks the game engine use to handle efficient line-of-sight and pathfinding calculations, and which approach the AI uses to make its decisions.