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DEMIGOD’s AI from Role-Playing to Real-Time Strategy

Dru Staltman on November 26, 2009

The AI in DEMIGOD has arguably one of the most innovative designs of the decade, let alone this year. It uses a hybrid combination of a search algorithm used as way to find optimal actions, allowing the computer-controlled Heroes to both behave strategically and figure out how to level up in the game! Read this in-depth article for details of how the final system works.

In this 1h30 interview with Dru Staltman, Lead Gameplay Engineer on DEMIGOD, you'll hear stories from behind the scenes of how the AI was developed. Find out how Dru had to effectively build the AI for multiple games as the design changed radically during the development, and how his three layer architecture coped with the changes. You'll also hear practical tips for how to deal with tuning and testing systems based on fuzzy weights, and what do do if Lua's performance becomes a problem.