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Anticipation for Animation and Behavior: Bringing Characters to Life

Steve Gargolinski on January 15, 2011

Character animation has been around for almost a century, with applications ranging from short features to full films. Over the decades, animators have developed significant insights into the process... As an AI programmer, this can help you not only improve the quality of your NPCs behaviors and make your gameplay easier to understand too.

In this this masterclass with Steve Gargolinksi, AI Engineer who worked on the ZOO TYCOON series and WORLD OF ZOO, you'll learn about the the concept of "anticipation" in practice. You'll hear about adding an extra level of anticipation in the behavior, and how that affects the design of your high-level AI. Steve will also talk about toolchains and the importance of working with animators, sharing tips on how this can be done best.