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Understanding Decision Boundaries: How to Preempt Bugs and Increase the Realism of Behaviors

Alex J. Champandard on February 18, 2010

Building an AI that doesn't oscillate or ignore important events can be quite a challenge in practice. However, looking the AI from a different perspective can often offer some new design insights on such problems, for example by considering points in-between behaviors. Watch this design masterclass about decision boundaries and find out why it was called "mind-opening" by multiple attendees!

In this 1h presentation, you'll learn about the concept and applications of decision boundaries using scenarios from Ubisoft's FAR CRY 2. You'll see how thinking in terms of these boundaries between behaviors can help you reduce bugs like oscillating between two states or simply ignoring environment changes. Finally, you'll understand how to avoid robotic looking actions and better convey gameplay information to the player.