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Cinematic Parkour Animation… but Interactive!

Laurent Ancessi on December 21, 2010

It's very common to look at animation from the character's requirements, but when you flip the problem around and see it from the perspective of the environment, things change completely. How do you make sure animations line up perfectly with the world? How do you handle transitions in a responsive yet smooth fashion? How do these environmental animations fit into a traditional animation graph?

In this masterclass with Laurent Ancessi, 20-year industry veteran from Electronic Arts, Radical and Naughty Dog, you'll learn how to create great looking animations specifically built for interacting with the world. This includes for example parkour behaviors where the character runs along walls, hangs from a ledge, flips off a ladder, etc. You'll hear about the concept of an Interactive Cinematic Scene and how it integrates with modern animation systems, in order to bring your characters to life in complex environments.