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ChatScript from Pattern Recognition to Natural Language Generation in Suzette

Alex J. Champandard on July 27, 2011

Games such as SCRIBBLENAUTS are known for pushing the boundaries of natural language processing in games, but when it comes to natural language generations many role-playing games (RPG) still primarily rely on scripts and dialog trees. How can we use better AI techniques to improve the quality of NPC dialog when interacting with the player?

In this masterclass with Bruce Wilcox, author of the Loebner Prize 2010 winning chatbot Suzette and Core Programmer at Telltale Games, you'll find out about the state of the art of natural language technology. You'll learn how things have evolved over the years, and how this kind of technology fits into modern games. In particular, you'll see how Bruce's ChatScript open-source implementation works in detail, why it works and how to make the most of it.