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Planning Multi-Unit Maneuvers Using HTN and A*

William van der Sterren on October 15, 2009

As military-style games become bigger in scope and more realistic in their simulations, there's an increasing need for using AI to help generate mission scripts automatically under the supervision of designers. Furthermore, online services can be used to extend the lifespan of games by providing procedural missions for players on either standard maps or user-generated content.

In this presentation from the Paris Game AI Conference 2009, William van der Sterren presents his most recent project involving HTN planners based on A*. You'll discover how his web-server based implementation can plan intricate coordination for missions in Armed Assault (a.k.a. ArmA 1). You'll also learn the challenges of applying HTN and A* to making sure units behave in a sensible & tactical manner. You'll also find out what it takes to make military units of many different type coordinate together to achieve objectives.

About William

William van der Sterren is a consultant at CGF-AI, a company that provides AI design and development on a contract basis, primarily for first- and third-person perspective combat games and simulations. He has contributed to the AI for Guerrilla's Killzone (PlayStation2, 2004, published by Sony) and Guerrilla's Shellshock: Nam '67 (PlayStation2, Xbox, PC, 2004, published by Eidos Interactive).

William also contributed many articles to the AI Game Programming Wisdom series, as well as the Game Programming Gems books. He has spoken at the Game Developer's Conference multiple times. See his publications for more details.

Audio/Video Recording

Downloadable Version

Here's a specialized format for you to download and play offline via a portable player:

Planning Multi-Unit Maneuvers Using HTN and A* — Video
William van der Sterren
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The slides used during the presentation are available here:

Planning Multi-Unit Maneuvers Using HTN and A* — Slides
William van der Sterren
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Here is the text version of the document, transcribed by Melanie C. and Panagiotis Peikidis, for you to download and print:

Planning Multi-Unit Maneuvers Using HTN and A* — Transcript
William van der Sterren
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