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Navigation LOOP: Avoid Turning in Circles when Navigating Locally

Mikko Mononen on September 7, 2010

So you've built a pathfinder. What now? It turns out you're only just getting started! Have you figured out how do you handle dynamic obstacle avoidance locally for single characters, or even coordination with other characters? There's loads of research on the subject, but how do you tie it all together?

In this presentation at the Paris Game AI Conference 2010, Mikko Mononen explains his concept of the Navigation Loop. As he puts it, it's everything you need to do each frame for your characters to be able to move in the world. Mikko looks at the big picture and presents the solution he's found amongst all the research. More importantly, he has a very convincing demo!

About Mikko

Mikko Mononen was Lead AI Programmer on CRYSIS and programmer at Crytek GmbH in Frankfurt. He's now best known for his work on Recast & Detour, his open-source navigation projects. At the Paris Game AI Conference 2009 last year, Mikko gave the highest rated presentation about those projects!

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Navigation Loop: Avoid Turning in Circles w/ Local Navigation — Video
Mikko Mononen
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