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Physics-based Racing AI Controllers and Track Analysis in SUPERBIKE CHAMPIONSHIP

Paolo Maninetti on February 2, 2011

When building a racing game, the immersion of the player and the entertainment value of the gameplay is heavily influenced by the believability of the opponent drivers. But how is the AI built to cope with physically-accurate simulated vehicles? Milestone, an Italian developer specializing in racing, is famous among fans for delivering a hyper realistic driving simulations, both in racing cars and superbikes.

In this presentation from the Paris Game/AI Conference 2010, you'll hear Senior Programmer Paolo Maninetti explain the basics of racing AI, in particular the low-level details like steering control and maneuvers such as overtaking and avoidance. You'll also learn how to build automated algorithms that help analyse the track in order to build racing controllers to deal with any racing circuit.

About Paolo

Paolo Maninetti is a Senior Game Programmer at Milestone Interactive in Milan, where he's worked on AI and gameplay for games including the official SBK series, SUPER STARS V8 series, and many more. Previously, he worked at Ubisoft in Italy where he worked on LARA CROFT TOMB RAIDER: THE PROPHECY, as well as BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL, the RAYMAN series.

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Physics-based Racing AI — Video
Paolo Maninetti
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Physics-based Racing AI — Slides
Paolo Maninetti
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avok23 on February 7th, 2011

As announced in the title

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