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Influence Maps from A to Z: Representation, Algorithm and Parameters

Alex J. Champandard on March 13, 2011

An AI's decisions are only as good as the information it gets, so for things like tactical and strategic reasoning influence maps are a critical component. They help not only at the individual level for picking positions, but also deciding where to attack or build bases. In fact, it's safe to say the more you use influence maps at all levels of your game AI the better it will be overall!

In this tutorial, you'll learn everything you need to know about creating, maintaining, updating and processing influence maps. In particular, you'll find out the benefits and risks of using multiple different maps to store influence, how to deal with exotic terrain representations, and little tips and tricks to make sure your information provides good historical statistics as well as a prediction of what could happen. This will help you make sure you have the best information to feed into your AI to make informed decisions!