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Techniques for Procedural Generation of Levels and Gameplay

Alex J. Champandard on October 12, 2010

While many games use procedural generation of geometry to reduce the workload of artists, more developers are experimenting with procedural levels for gameplay reasons. This is something that classic games on older platforms did regularly, however as Soren Johnson (Lead AI & Gameplay on CIVILIZATION 4) said recently: “I'm afraid it's becoming a bit of a lost art.”

In this extensive 1h30 tutorial, you'll get a full overview of the techniques used for procedural gameplay generation, in particular looking into Insomniac's work for RATCHET & CLANK FUTURE, Valve's ALIEN SWARM, LOVE (the MMO), and community extensions for WARZONE 2100, and many more. You'll also learn the six most important tips, tricks and concepts you need to know before you jump in to the deep end!