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Building Virtual Toys that Don’t Break: Recipes for Robust AI in Sandbox Games

Alex J. Champandard on June 16, 2011

Building robust logic for software programs is already a challenge in itself, and we've been doing that for over half a century. When it comes to building robust character behaviors, there are additional challenges in making the results believable and life-like. However, game developers have become more and more comfortable with the process over the past few years!

This panel at the Paris Game/AI Conference 2010 brought together AI programmers who worked on a wide variety of different sandbox-style games, ranging from stealth-based shooters like the HITMAN series, real-time strategy games such as the TOTAL WAR franchise, and games that focus on interaction with the player such as WORLD OF ZOO. Regardless of the genre, you'll discover that there are common techniques and practices that are useful to manage the development and production of robust AI.