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Parametric Character Animations in CRYSIS 2

Alex J. Champandard on September 12, 2011

The most recent iteration of Crytek’s sandbox shooter, set in New York, combines the incredible technology of CryEngine 3 along with the trademark gameplay that defines the series. In particular, the animation system is on of the biggest challenge since it must combine responsiveness to player and AI control, as well as achieving realism to match the graphics.

In this hour-long presentation from the Paris Game/AI Conference 2011, you’ll hear from Sven Van Soom, Senior Animation Programmer at Crytek, explaining the details of the locomotion technology in CRYSIS 2. Notably, you'll hear how it works and interacts with the AI via parametric control. You’ll also hear some lessons learned from its development, and how to leverage these ideas on your own system based on parametric motions.

Audio/Video Recording

Downloadable Version

Here's a specialized format for you to download and play offline via a portable player:

Parametric Character Animation in CRYSIS 2 — Video
Sven Van Soom
Download MOV (QuickTime)

The MP3 file below is better quality than the streaming video above, and is a perfect candidate for listening to via a portable player (96 Kbps). The OGG file is the highest quality of all (128 KBps). You can download them both here:

Parametric Character Animation in CRYSIS 2 — Audio
Sven Van Soom
Download MP3
Parametric Character Animation in CRYSIS 2 — Audio
Sven Van Soom
Download OGG

The slides used for the presentation itself can be downloaded from here for further study:

Parametric Character Animation in CRYSIS 2 — Slides
Sven Van Soom
Download PDF

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