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Sandbox Release #10: Patrol & Flee Behavior Demos, Navigation System

Alex J. Champandard on September 22, 2009

This is the tenth release of the Sandbox, and based on monthly progress, it's arguably the most impressive so far! The Hide & Seek demo from the previous release has been extended to use the behavior tree library; one guard patrols around while multiple other bots run away and find cover. The behavior library some big usability improvements also, so it's now easier for you to experiment with BTs and dig into the code. The running demo is now integrated with the hierarchical pathfinder, and there's a centralized navigation system that handles time-sliced pathfinding queries. Finally, the codebase has been ported to work under GCC/Linux, along with a cross-platform build system.

Credits: Jeremy Tryba, Nick Samarin, Piotr Trochim, Radu Cristea