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Game AI Course Unit 1

Alex J. Champandard on November 15, 2015

We hope you're enjoying our new course on Principles of Modern Game AI If you haven't already seen unit 1 is what you missed:

Lesson 1.1 – Agent Architecture

The first lesson of this unit digs into the architecture of Interactive Agents. You'll learn about the sense/think/act paradigm as well as how AI systems are often broken down into functional layers. The course will walk you through a dozen bugs from real games to practice understanding Interactive Agents by looking at their behavior! It's a great educational experience as well as being fun. :- )

Lesson 1.2 – Information Flow

This lesson shows the importance of information flow in the context of AI architecture. You'll learn about the different stages of information processing, how things are done in realtime and the benefits of push vs. pull, and how this fits into the overall game process with build pipelines.

Lesson 1.3 – Control Flow

This lesson about Architecture is intended to provide insights into the implementation of Interactive Agents, and is part of the Programming Track.

Lab #1 – Rebuilding HAL9000

The Programming Lab for Unit #1 of our course is about architecture of Interactive Agents by building a simple HAL9000-like chatbot that controls a spaceship and interacts with you via a terminal. It's inspired by an AI-driven game called Event0 that Sergey Mohov talked about at our conference in July.

Try out our Python code, follow the exercises, then improvise and learn something new in the process!

Enrollment & Questions

If you have not yet enrolled to our course, be quick as you can do so for free only until end of 2015 — after that it's included in our memberships.

Questions and comments are always welcome in our official sub-Reddit!