BLOG POSTS Conference 2016: Last Tickets & Live Stream, July 18-20
Open Upcoming July 10th, 2016 Conference 2016: Last Tickets & Live Stream, July 18-20

The Conference, our event dedicated to AI in games and Creative Industries, will take place just 7 days from now on July 18-20. It's the largest event worldwide dedicated to the topic! Read on for more details...

  • Open Coverage
    November 11th, 2010

    Coverage from AIIDE 2010: From Alibi Generation to Starcraft AI

    One of the (few) perks of being a research student is attending conferences. There are many reasons to attend a conference: you get to travel to places you probably wouldn't otherwise visit, toss around ideas with other people who work in the same research area and get a glimpse into the state of the art approaches for problems you might not ever have considered.

  • Open Article
    October 21st, 2010

    The Awakening of Conscious Bots: Inside the Mind of the 2K BotPrize 2010 Winner

    Most of current efforts in the development of believable bots — bots that behave like human players — are based on classical AI techniques. These techniques are based on relatively old principles, which nevertheless are being progressively improved or wisely adapted increasing their performance in order to satisfy new game requirements. Taking a different perspective, the approach that we adopted for the design of our bot (CC-Bot2) was rather opposed to this trend. Specifically, we implemented a computational model of the Global Workspace Theory (Baars, 1988), a kind of shared memory space where different agents — that we call specialized processors — can collaborate and compete with each other dynamically (see Figure 1). We believe that applying new techniques from the field of Machine Consciousness might also provide good results, even in the short term.

  • Open Review
    October 13th, 2010

    Pathfinding in Static and Dynamic Environments and the Future of Multi-core HPA*

    Later today at the conference on Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Digital Entertainment 2010 (AIIDE '10), Alexander Kring will be giving a presentation about our joint paper on hierarchical pathfinding, which Nick Samarin implemented in the AI Sandbox. The title of the paper is “DHPA* and SHPA*: Efficient Hierarchical Pathfinding in Dynamic and Static Game Worlds” and should be available soon. We developed two modified versions of the HPA* algorithm that work better in both static and dynamic environments.

  • Open Tutorial
    October 6th, 2010

    PlanetWars AI Challenge and Advanced Strategy Guide, Prizes!

    PlanetWars is an AI programming game where you write a bot to conquer the galaxy, planet by planet. The rules are simple; each planet produces ships per turn, and ships can be used to take over other planets from the enemy or neutral forces. It's inspired by Galcon for those of you that are familiar with the game. Once you have written your bot in one of many supported languages, you submit it to the official site and it competes online against others from around the world!

  • Open Upcoming
    September 24th, 2010

    An Apology & the Full Gossip about PLUS!

    We're obviously biased, but at we believe Game AI is one of the most fun and exciting careers you can have as a programmer! As Jeff Orkin, Lead AI Engineer at Monolith Productions behind F.E.A.R. and NO ONE LIVES FOREVER, puts it:

  • Open Interview
    September 21st, 2010

    The Best Career Moments of Professional AI Developers

    Game AI is where the action is! By now everyone's noticed the diminishing returns in computer graphics, and programmers instead try to keep their interest with arcane hardware. Why do you think the PS3 turned out that way? :-) If it wasn't for that console, system programmers in game studios would have moved into investment banking IT by now...

  • Open Interview
    September 16th, 2010

    Hive-Mind Combat Behaviors in UNCHARTED 2 for Better Positioning Decisions

    Behavior trees are an increasingly common way to implement decision making and control systems for game NPCs. As more studios use them, a diversity of design patterns and implementation techniques is appearing. Sometimes it can become rather difficult to draw the line between other techniques; to what extent is this AI a behavior tree?


AlphaGo, Award Results, and Early Birds
Insider Newsletter February 24th, 2016

AlphaGo, Award Results, and Early Birds

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