The Team

Alex J. Champandard

Alex has worked in industry as a senior AI programmer for many years, most notably for Rockstar Games. There he worked the motion technology that powers the R.A.G.E. engine (proprietary middleware used in all Rockstar titles internally, including the animation-intensive ROCKSTAR'S TABLE TENNIS) and was initially involved developing the artificial intelligence and gameplay for MAX PAYNE 3. Alex regularly consults with leading studios in Europe, most recently on the multiplayer bots for KILLZONE 2 at Guerrilla Games.

With a strong academic background in artificial intelligence, Alex authored the book AI Game Development and often speaks about his research — in particular at the Paris Game AI Conference which he co-organizes with his wife Petra. He's Associate Editor for the IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games (TCIAIG), is a member of the Program Committee for the Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) conference, and part of the Organizing Committee of Computational Intelligence in Games (CIG) as Industry Liaison.

Petra Champandard-Pail

Petra has a background in business management, and worked as an International Area Manager for a large multi-million dollar corporation. She eventually got bored of that and joined the games industry, in particular at 10tacle (10T) Studios where she was an associate producer on a web-based game project.

She then joined Alex as the co-founder of KG. Petra is the creative force in the team, and takes care of business!

Filip Wisniewski

Filip worked previously in semantic web research for a couple of years and after a brief start-up interlude he now found his calling in digital entertainment and teaching. He helped organize the conference in the past years and is responsible for our website development — and much more. Alumni

Philip Dunstan

Phil is one of our veterans, coming to us after nearly 7 years at Electronic Arts. While there, he specialized in physics simulation, core technology and console performance and worked on several of EA's biggest franchises. Among his many achievements since moving to Vienna is being able to surf then ski within a few weeks of each other, and to survive the Austrian winter.

Phil's business card listed him as Head of More Cowbell at

Richard Kogelnig

Richard Kogelnig studied Computational Intelligence at the Vienna University of Technology and is the newest member of the team. In his master thesis he specialized on decomposition-based motion planning and he is fascinated by the application of advanced graph-based methods in AI.

Matthias F. Brandstetter

Matthias studied Intelligent Systems & Robotics at the De Montfort University, UK. He joined the team in the beginning of 2013 and now enjoys working on the practical application of AI to computer games. Alongside the work at Matthias is also a PhD candidate, researching on the automatic recognition of user intentions in games.
Beside that he also works on a few Open Source projects, while trying the hide his past as a Java developer from the rest of the team ...